Emergency Blast: Rescuing those Impacted by the Kakhovka Dam Disaster

By Tori Hil | Jun 09, 2023

Urgent Humanitarian Response to the Kakhovka Dam Collapse

This week, the Foundation’s teams rapidly deployed and are already on the ground, providing initial response to the humanitarian consequences of the June 6th destruction of the Nova Khakovka hydro-electric dam in Kherson, Ukraine. We need your help to supply rescue and recovery efforts with the right equipment: hard-bottom boats, boat engines, oars, and life jackets. Each rescue boat costs about $USD 3200.

Our team is also rushing 25 tons of critical drinking water, generators, soap, hand sanitizer, and masks to Kherson, as we see the extent of mass need across the region.

At least 80 towns have flooded in Ukraine and at least 17,000 people are being evacuated with numbers expected to rise to 40,000, as communities downstream from the dam lose their homes and property.

The flooding also has high potential for widespread environmental damage – including lack of potable water, water-borne diseases, and destruction of irrigation, drinking water and critical power systems. Our ground contacts report at least 150 tons of machine oil have leaked the Dnipro River, due to the destruction of the dam’s machinery, and likely long-term damage to agricultural land.

Our team is launching a critical rescue and relief effort to aid those affected by this catastrophic event, and we are reaching out to you, our compassionate community, to join us in making a difference.

As the situation on the ground evolves, we will continue to show up to meet needs and support recovery where we can best fill gaps.

Teams are already on the ground

With our strategic placement across the south of Ukraine, and on the Romanian border, our ground team has already mobilized to the areas to conduct rapid needs assessments, provide equipment and move aid supplies in quickly — activating established partnerships across our network to send help.

Now, more than ever, we need your support for rescue and recovery efforts. Together, we can provide immediate relief for those already affected by war and now facing catastrophic loss by flooding. Your generosity can make a tangible impact and bring hope to those who have lost so much.

Will you help aid those facing disaster?

**Photo credit to: Ukrainian State Emergency Service, the Ukrainian Air Force, Serhii Maloletka


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