We support the future of democracy.

We believe in the right to live in a society that recognizes and respects fundamental freedoms and human rights – especially for children. Everything we do supports the preservation of these rights now, and into the future.

We value every life as our own.

We lend a hand to individuals who are left to bear the devastation of war and conflict. When we make an impact on one life, we create a ripple effect that empowers the lives of many.

We are vigilant to seek and meet critical needs.

We stand in the center of turmoil, taking risks that others cannot. We uncover the gaps and bring together the skills and resources to fill them. Our focus on the last mile is critical to ensuring the delivery of life-saving aid and safe passage for children and families.



Policy and advocacy

We seek to build strategic relationships and promote policies that will help advance our work and protect human rights, including partnering with philanthropic entities, providing independent analysis and recommendations to decision makers, and scanning the horizon for emerging trends and issues that impact those we serve.

Emergency response and evacuations

Our teams on the ground work to save lives and reduce suffering in areas impacted by conflict and complex emergencies. Our strategy put local organizations in the lead, including delivery support for humanitarian items, investments to strengthen our partners’ response capacity, evacuating at-risk populations and equipping responders with innovative approaches and tools.

Operations and logistics

Focuses on improving the precision-delivery of high-impact items such as health products, medicines, medical technology and vehicles, and services to those in hard-to-reach, conflict-affected areas.



The Romulus T. Weatherman Foundation is a U.S.-based 501c3 operating foundation, dedicated to protecting children, defending human rights, and promoting democracy around the world. As the go-to organization for key stakeholders across the public and private sector for information, transformation, and large-scale influence, our team works flexibly and efficiently through partnerships to uphold democratic ideals.